Tennessee State University FNP Program

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    Anybody apply to TSU FNP program or know anyone who has in the past and got accepted? I am wondering how long it took to get feedback from them. They had two deadlines and I'm not sure exactly which one to go by, as far as estimating when I should know something. For example, the graduate school deadline was July 1 and nursing school deadline was July 15. The only thing is I was told to have all materials in by July 1st. I don't know, maybe I'm over thinking it! Anxiety kicking in

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    Hello. I also applied and was accepted for this Fall. I am eager to get started as well. I am sure the program will be both challenging and exciting.
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    How has the program been? I am planning on applying next March for the Summer start. I am curious about the amount of nights you go to the school for class.
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    I've applied to start this coming fall. What has your experience been like? Is it organize? How long is the program? Do they help find your preceptorship? I'm looking for feedback as communication through the school has been terrible. Thanks!

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