Student about to take next step, but unsure how to get there!

  1. So I am a recent high-school graduate who will also be a LPN graduate as of April 2012. I plan to begin school for my RN immediately for my RN, but I am curious about going beyond that. I dream about becoming a CRNA, but I am unsure of the time frame for schooling. Do you have to be an RN for a certain period of time before applying to study as a CRNA or is there such a program where RN and CRNA are correlated (such as an RN to MSN bridge degree)??? etc, etc, etc.

    Also, would any of you nurses advise (or discourage) working as an LPN while going to school for RN? Waitressing can pay my bills to an extent, but I would much rather have paid clinical experience while going to school rather than bussing tables. I have heard mixed things about employment during school and would love to hear opinions about that as well!

    I'm not too sure if I'm asking the "right" questions, but any sort of input would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks so much!!!
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  3. by   chiquiraveloski
    Why not just go RN and skip LPN?
  4. by   vanurse2be
    Quote from mm93
    Why not just go RN and skip LPN?
    I started an LPN program my senior year of high school with one year free tuition so I took the opportunity to get the experience and get my foot in the door that much sooner.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    yes, work as an lpn if poisitions are available in your area is in your best interest to understand how health system works...or doesn't work.

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    best wishes moving forward in your nursing career.