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I wanted to start this thread for all of the new (and current) students at Saint Joseph's College of Maine FNP program. Any info, news, updates or questions/concerns could be asked here for all... Read More

  1. by   Leahbrasher
    I just finished the new health assessment 601
    class. you have to record yourself examining a "volunteer" patient. Save it as a zip drive when you submit it. Otherwise the file will be too big to submit. Class wasn't too bad. Definitely easier than NP 602 and NP 603.
  2. by   Leahbrasher
    Anyone do the capstone classes? Did you work on it concurrently with your clinicals. I'm probably going to do the Professional paper. I was going to jump start it since I'm waiting for clinicals to start.
  3. by   RN-In Maine

    Thanks for the advice for saving the assessment video as a zip drive I had issues with the first video and it being to long to send. So ill remember that for the other units and final assessment. Great idea to start the prof paper now too and get a head start...I am planning on doing that as well when I get some breaks between clinicals or between Assessment and the start of clinicals. Goodluck with starting
  4. by   morglan
    Hi debs17. I'll email you. For you and anyone else that has taken NP 603...halfway thru course and cannot make higher than a low B. Instructor seems impossible, even after multiple communication via email. I've never worked harder on a class, and have never made lower than a 93 on a paper through 6-7 classes at St. Joe's...frustrated.

    Anyway...just curious if my grade is average, how is everyone else doing, or how well did you do? I understand there are 3 or 4 instructors and I'm sure they may all grade differently?
  5. by   RN-In Maine
    Morglan how is NP 603 going? I know you mentioned in your post yu were emailing debs17 If you have any additional questions lmk.
  6. by   morglan
    Hi RN-In Maine. It is going okay, working on last unit now! Definitely a lot more work than all the others I've taken at St. Joe's. Have you already taken it?
  7. by   RN-In Maine
    Your almost done!! Goodluck. I have already taken it. I am in Advanced Assessment almost half way through!
  8. by   morglan
    Thanks! Adv Pharm is next. Any insight/advice for that? And how is Adv Assessment going?
  9. by   morglan
    Hi Playboyesquire:

    Do they still offer the on campus assessment course? I can't see where it is offered in a course catalog. I did a general google search but the only thing that came up was an old offering, not current. Any advice? Thanks
  10. by   RN-In Maine
    I am not sure if they are still offering if during the summer? If so the summer is the only time they do offer it (usually in July). I would call them to make sure...however, if you don't see it as an option for a summer course online maybe they don't anymore? If you have the chance to take on campus I would say do it!!! It was not an option for me since I was not ready to take it last summer but I think I would have learned a lot more on campus then being at a clinical site with a doctor who doesn't even do half of the assessment techniques we are learning.
  11. by   morglan
    Thanks Rn-in-Maine. It looks great and I would so do it instead of the longer online version! The only thing I have to think about is is 1000 miles away! But it still may be worth it. I did end up finding the listing online for it. It is in July.
  12. by   RN-In Maine
    Morglan.. yea I guess it would come down to money. But the online option you will have to find a clinical instructor (depends on your connections and where you live that could be easy or hard) and then consider travel time to and from the clinical site (gas money) for clinical time (total 45 hrs). Goodluck with making your decision!
  13. by   morglan
    Hi guys, any advice/input on NP 602 (Adv Pharm)?