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SLU Fall 2013 ANP Program

  1. 0 Afternoon,

    On Friday, I received acceptance notification from the SLU's ANP program. I am waiting to receive a decision from Ball State University and USA before accepting admission. The motivator for waiting on a decision lies with the cost of tution. However, does anyone have feedback relating to SLU's program? Anyone else admitted?

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    Congrats, I really wanted to go to SLU but was denied d/t Rhode Island State laws on distance learning. On the brighter side, I got accepted to Wilkes University's DNP program....Yay!!!!
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    I have also been accepted and wouldn't have applied had it not been for the recommendation from another nurse. I was told it was excellent! Looking forward to it!
    Good luck to you!
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    I have been accepted to SLU AGNP for the Fall 2013! I am so excited!
    Congrats to you!!
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    I've been accepted to the ACNP program at SLU starting Fall 2013. Pretty excited...
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    I have a lot of coworkers going to USA, but didn't read the greatest comments on this forum regarding their organization and support. But I personally know 2 people who graduated from SLU and they said , it was hard, but they felt prepared for boards. That sold me.
    To any of you who are in, PM me if you want to discuss it. I'm starting off with Research.