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    Here is some information I found about Simmons from my research:

    The only states not approved are North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, and Delaware- but they are actively working with these states to gain state board approval.

    Campus based program has a 100% pass rate on certification exam, this year is the first year they have offered the online program so no pass rate from that yet given, although the courses are taught by some of the same professors who teach the in-person courses.

    Set up is the same as Georgetown University (they utilize the same online program for their school with the weekly courses live online, and the pre-recorded lectures and videos to watch on your own time)
    18 months full time, 14wk terms with 2-3 wk break between each term, ONE campus visit required for skills assessment. 24mo part time, everything else the same as full time.

    Admission Requirements:

    The Nursing@Simmons application requires applicants to have or submit the following:
    Bachelor’s degree from a U.S. Department of Education and NLNAC or CCNE- accredited institution.
    Current U.S. Registered Nurse (R.N.) license, and have successfully completed (“C” or better) a three-credit course in statistics.
    Current résumé.
    One- to two-page personal statement that describes your academic interests, your relevant clinical experience, and your reasons for pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing.
    Transcript(s) of your academic record (see below).
    Three letters of recommendation from:
    A clinical supervisor or nurse manager who has direct knowledge of your work in the clinical setting.
    A professor, faculty member, or academic advisor who can provide a meaningful assessment of your academic record.
    A practicing clinical nursing professional who has served as a mentor.
    The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), if your native language is not English. The School of Nursing and Health Sciences TOEFL code is 3761.
    The General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required, but if you feel GRE scores will strengthen your application, please contact an Admissions Counselor at 855-461-SIMM (855-461-7466).
    Sealed official academic transcripts must be received by mail from all postsecondary institutions you have attended, even if a degree was not obtained, including community colleges.
    Applicants who studied outside of the United States must have completed the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree. All coursework from non-U.S. institutions must be evaluated by World Education Services.
    Please have official transcripts and other official application materials mailed to:
    Nursing@Simmons 8201 Corporate Drive, Suite 900 Landover, MD 20785

    Nursing@Simmons tuition is $1,198 per credit hour for students starting in the 2013–2014 academic year (July 2013–June 2014). Students will complete a total of 48 credit hours. A moderate increase in tuition should be expected each academic year. Tuition includes simulations, assessments, technology platform licensing and support. Tuition does not include the cost of books and a $100 student fee per term.

    I will say they have been so far the NICEST admissions reps, not overly pushy, and very thorough with helping me get all my information in correctly. I applied to Georgetown first, and they too were nice, but since submitting my app, i can't seem to get anyone to reply to me and I still do not have a decision yet. University of Cincinnati is not good about getting back to you via phone but do usually get a response within 2-3 days to my questions. Of the three I"m honestly now more impressed with Simmons than any of the others, so I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks to get an acceptance. I really wanted GU, but Simmons is almost $30K cheaper for the same type of set up.

    Hope this helps some others with their lists of schools they want to go to! =)

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    Why don't they list a minimum GPA? I didn't see one listed on their website. Mine is a 3.0, not great. What is your GPA and background?
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    It's a 3.0 minimum, but they take into account the full aspect of the person. I think because they are new to the online version of the FNP they may be a bit more lenient in their selection process. It's worth a shot, if you apply for the March cohort it's only $30, and I do know someone who got turned down BUT the adviser is working with her to make her statement stronger and her application stronger for the March cohort! I haven't heard of ANY other colleges doing that for ANYONE!
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    That is really encouraging to hear. I have been rejected from four universities so far, and am at a loss. I am sure its my GPA cause I have a strong work history, including EMT and Nursing instructing. I am just really frustrated. I am going to call them tomorrow. If an advisor can look at my past statements and CV and tell me where I am weak that would so awesome!
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    I've heard of people being turned down by GU but getting accepted to University of cincinnati for their FNP is admissions info for them:
    Applications for the Master of Science in Nursing program are accepted year-round. Applicants will be reviewed for admission on the strength of their ability to successfully complete graduate studies, and based upon the criteria listed below.

    To be eligible for admission to the program, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

    University of Cincinnati graduate school online application.
    College of Nursing Pre-Registration Packet.
    Official transcripts from all institutions attended.
    Minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale for the last degree earned. (A comparable level of achievement is expected for other grading systems.)
    Current RN license.
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree conferred from a regionally and ACEN (formerly NLNAC) or CCNE accredited institution.
    Three letters of reference.
    Personal goal statement.
    Professional resume.
    Completion of an undergraduate statistics course with a grade of “C” or better.
    For Nurse-Midwifery: One year experience in maternal/child nursing (preferably in labor and delivery) including gynecology, pediatrics, NICU, newborn nursery and postpartum.
    For Nurse Practitioner/Adult-Gero Clinical Nurse Specialist: one year or more of work experience in nursing is preferred, but not required.
    Sorry, but due to clinical regulations, only applicants with access to facilities in the 50 United States or U.S. military bases will be considered for admission.

    Please note that as a result of state boards of nursing and the DOE Higher Education regulation changes, the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing will no longer be accepting applications for our distance learning MSN program from students residing in the following states: Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York (effective as of June 25, 2012), Louisiana (Nurse-Midwifery distance learning program only, effective as of October 17, 2012), Oregon (effective as of December 18, 2012), Tennessee, and District of Columbia (effective as of May 9, 2013).
    Master of Science in Nursing Admissions Requirements | Online Nursing Degree at the University of Cincinnati
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    UC is my back up plan, because I really feel like I will get accepted there no matter what. I'd love Georgetown, but Simmons offers more flexible scheduling of the online synchronous courses- so that I could continue to work some during the week! =) At this point any acceptance would be nice LOL...I'm so impatient, it's hard to wait on word. GU has had my application for 2 wks, UC a week (will take 6-10 wks to get word back though), and simmons should have the remainder of my paperwork by next week and it's a 3wk wait for them too at least =) Hoping by the end of November to hear SOMETHING from all of them =)
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    I hope you get some good news soon! I hated waiting, that was the worse part, then getting one rejection letter after another. GU mailed a type written letter, the others were by e-mail. Which for the application fee of $100 I would like to be rejected by mail. I live in Oregon so it sounds like UC wouldn't work for me. I agree with you though, that at this point I will go anywhere that will have me.
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    Can I ask what schools you applied to? I've looked up several and have a list of them you could talk with. South University, Maryville, Chamberlain are a few. =) My other option if not accepted is going to WGU for the Masters' in Nursing Education, since it's self paced and you can go as fast as you pretty much want to go, I could get that done in a year and bring my GPA way up, then look for a post-masters FNP program after that.
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    I have applied to GU, Graceland, Frontier, and Gonzaga. My least favorite option is going back to excelsior and getting a Masters in Nursing education or informatics like you had said. I received my AAS and BSN through Excelsior. That's what I do like about Excelsior is that I can get my Masters done fast.The look at a post certificate. I would rather just get it all done in one place, but I may not have a choice. How many universities have you applied to?
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    I have applied to Georgetown (Oct 4) -2-3 wk wait, Simmons College (Oct 18- still waiting on a transcript) and University of Cincinnati (Oct 7)- 6 to 10 wk wait to find out. Did GU tell you why you weren't accepted? I too got my AAS and now my BSN from Excelsior...I hope that won't be held against me!!! BLAH!!! Instead of going back to EC for my MSN if I don't get NP I"m going to apply to Western Governors University and do their MSN in education. Because they are self paced you can go as fast as you one. One girl I talked to got her MSN in Edu done in 11mo and 5 days!!! That's what I would probably do. It's actually way cheaper than EC too, although I love EC I wouldn't be on their schedule, but instead on my own schedule. It's a lot of paper writing (EC was too though), but no group work...thank GOD! and One girl on Allnurses said she got 3-4 classes knocked out of the way in like 5 wks. I'm all for that! =)

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