Should I stay in the unit I'm currently working in or transfer to different one? - page 2

Hello fellow nurses, I work in Canadian hospital in Sub acute medicine unit for one year now and also start my NP online program May 7th at Athabasca University. Since I graduated I had burning desire to work in high acuity... Read More

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    Sorry I am removing this one because it was the same as last one.
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    Stay where you are. I moved from med surg to an ICU while in part time NP school. It was a big mistake - everything suffered. When you move a a higher acuity floor, you need to be focused on mastering your new job, and with family and school it was too much.
    For NP school, you need to put 110% effort into learning the material - so stay and "coast" where you are. Best of luck!
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    Oh my thanks for this message in disguise. I was considering the same thing. I work in a small hospital and sometimes its repetitive and i was thinking of moving to ER or ICU to gian more experience. I will be starting NP program next month

    Well Kookie, you asked a question and others are benefiting from it.

    Thanks a lot guys

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