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I think we all need to hear it :) Hopefully there are more than a few around here who attended an online/distance program, had a great experience with wonderful preceptors and are working as NPs! I... Read More

  1. by   julielive
    I am graduating in 3 weeks from RODP in Tennessee. My school is MTSU. I LOVE THE PROGRAM! Yes, we have to find our own preceptors, BUT, that is known up front. The rationale is that by us finding our preceptors, we arrange our own clinicals and find the best sites for us. As working RN's, it is thought that we have the contacts for this system to work. Personally, I like it. Yes, I spent HOURS AND HOURS..sitting in MD offices and sending our resumes. But, the program made this known up front and I feel its fair.

    My experience with RODP has been WONDERFUL. I highly recommend IF you have your own preceptors lined up.
  2. by   tonyaaroca
    Quote from lmccrn62
    I did my BSN through the university of Delaware and my MSN through Drexel, loved both programs.
    I started drexel this past quarter! I love it! just worried about finding my own preceptorship