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Hello everyone - this is my second time applying. A month ago, I bombed the interview! If this is your first time applying, there's a world of information from previous years, especially from the... Read More

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    Hawaii808, All of these APNI programs have become super competitive. So it means that great applicants are going to get turned down. I think acceptance to any program is a huge accomplishment. The East Coast will be lucky to have you.
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    Haven't heard anything either. Getting a little anxious even though Im trying to stay optimistic...
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    Due to the small size of the program and high demand of students wanting acceptance, Seattle U is more competitive than some top ten programs like Penn, Vanderbilt and Columbia!
    From what I gleaned from last year's thread, it varies by specialty, and of course, year to year. Last year about 1 in 17 applicants for FNP were accepted, and 1 in 3 of those interviewed. For psych, it was more like 1 in 5 accepted of those who applied, but since it is such a tiny cohort for psych, this really depends on how many people apply each year.

    Quote from atomicgirl
    Anybody know what percentage of applicants are interviewed? And what percentage of interviewees are accepted?
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    Nope I haven't heard anything either so looks like I'm headed east for school. If anyone has any questions about the Seattle area, please feel free to contact me. I've lived in the city for almost a decade and currently live about a mile away from SU so I'd be happy to help answer any questions for those who may be coming from far away.
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    No one's heard anything else yet?? Nothing else on FB either =|
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    Heads up - I got the email with my details today the time listed was 10:30pm! I emailed for clarification and it turns out it was a type-o and it's at 10:30am. So double check your times guys I'm glad I don't have a late night interview. That's for sure!
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    APNI 2013 applicants:

    Congratulations to everyone invited for an interview so far. I recommend reviewing the APNI 2012 allnurse board to glean what you can about the questions you may be asked and to begin preparing for your responses.

    If you haven't been notified at this time please note that it took several days for this process to play out last year and it varied by the track that applicants applied for.

    I expect that the qualifications of those applying for APNI 2013 are as amazing as the members of those who make up our APNI 2012 class. This quality in most applicants makes for difficult decisions on who to interview and takes time. Remain hopeful.
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    APNI 2012 had 10 murse, approximately 20% of the class, in all tracks except midwifery.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I applied to the FNP track and received an email that I have not been selected to interview. Congrats to everyone that has!! I know that we are all very qualified individuals that bring unique qualities to this program.
    On another note, has anyone applied to the Pacific Lutheran ELMSN program in tacoma??? And if you did, any word on the status of your application??? I also applied there but have not received a letter or any sort of update (even after emailing and calling)... It would be great to know if anyone else has. Thanks
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    Has everyone with an interview already received their interview dates/times?

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