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Hello everyone - this is my second time applying. A month ago, I bombed the interview! If this is your first time applying, there's a world of information from previous years, especially from the... Read More

  1. by   FinnCat
    Hi Everyone. I interviewed on March 2nd for the FNP track. One of the interviewers indicated that I would hear back around April. Did anyone else interview in March? Were you given the same time frame? I'm wondering if this time frame is for the FNP track. Gosh, it's easy to try to speculate too much. Anyhow, my interview went okay, but I thought it was difficult to stay within a 30 minute time frame and answer fairly broad-based questions. It's hard to convey who you are and a 10-yr plan in 30 minutes. But everyone was in the same boat. Of course, I wish all of you the best of luck. I am certain that any of those interviewed would make great NPs.
  2. by   sfemily
    Hi everyone! I interviewed for the FNP track on March 2, and am also anxiously awaiting my decision. I was told that decisions should be coming this week. Has anyone already been accepted to the FNP track?
  3. by   FinnCat
    That's odd that I was told April? Who did you interview with?
  4. by   conniferous
    I also interviewed Mar 2 for FNP and found out I got accepted last Friday night! I was also told we'd hear by April, but SU knew that many others have been already accepted elsewhere and the program director just wanted to send an email out before the "official" letters arrived. I've been on FB (much more active) and a few folks on FB also have been accepted for FNPs as well. Don't know how many exactly yet... maybe around 4, including myself?

    I just saw on FB also, that one person got her acceptance email from FNP about an hour ago =) You guys might be hearing soon!
  5. by   conniferous
    Finncat, for what it's worth, my interview was only 20-25 minutes and I still managed to get accepted =D I'm sure you did great!
  6. by   FinnCat
    Thanks Conniferous.
  7. by   sfemily
    Oh bummer. If FNP invites went out Friday the 8th, I'm definitely losing hope. Does anyone know how the waitlist works for this program? Are you notified in the mail if you're on it? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. by   FinnCat
    Hi SFemily, on the FB page, I did see that someone got an email invite for FNP yesterday. So it's possible they may be continuing to roll them out? I did notice an SU status change that indicated that a decision would be mailed out. Someone with that same status on the FB page, got an email acceptance a day later. It's possible that the admissions office may know something? I am worried, but I have a tiny amount of hope. I will keep my fingers crossed for both of us.
  9. by   conniferous
    There have only been a couple of people who had come out to say they've gotten an acceptance for FNP, so don't lose hope!
  10. by   sarahdukie
    Hi All! I found out 3/12 that I was accepted for psych!
  11. by   oau3
    I decided to go to another program, so a spot will be opening in psych! Good luck to whoever gets that and everyone else in the cohort!
  12. by   mzaur
    For those who got in for psych, could you please share your volunteer/relevant experience? I am a little worried that I do not have enough, especially in general nursing. I interned for two years at an outpatient mental health clinic under a clinical psychologist, so I have good exposure to psychotherapy. I also did a bunch of clinical assessments as part of working in a psychology research lab. None of my experience was in a hospital or medical setting.
  13. by   seattle123
    Calinca- did you get in this time around?! Is there another board for the 2014 incoming class?