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Hello everyone - this is my second time applying. A month ago, I bombed the interview! If this is your first time applying, there's a world of information from previous years, especially from the... Read More

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    I was also asked for an interview to the FNP track, first hurdle out of the way!

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    Yay icelind!!!
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    Nothing for me yet, but I haven't given up hope since it looks like the FNPs are just getting notified.
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    Congrats so far to:

    SDBruin - Adult/Gero
    atomicgirl - psych
    SusanMTaylor - FNP
    FinnCat - FNP
    icelind - FNP

    I think that is everyone so far.
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    Woops. And...Sara - psych
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    Hawaii808, I have my fingers crossed for you. You are a good egg.
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    Thanks FinnCat,
    I am starting to loose hope at this point though.
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    salinn, did you hear anything? It looks like I will be choosing one of the east coast school I have already been accepted to. Seattle was far and away my first choice, but I guess that is not in the cards right now. I am fortunate enough to have been accepted in other programs so I too will be starting my NP journey. So, best of luck to you all!!! You will make wonderful APNs. For those that didn't get in, keep working at it. I would love to hear how your interviews go and celebrate those of you who eventually get that amazing acceptance letter. Warm Aloha to you!
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    I haven't heard anything at all yet, but I'm not giving up hope. It may be possible that they haven't gotten through to everyone. My status on my application has not changed yet either. Too early to throw in the towel for me. It seems a few peeps on FB also got an interview... I'm not sure how many of those people are also on here, but there may be some overlap.

    So for the rest of us - stay strong!
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    Thanks for the pep-talk conniferous. I will not give up yet either. :-)
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