Seattle U - APNI 2013 - page 22

Hello everyone - this is my second time applying. A month ago, I bombed the interview! If this is your first time applying, there's a world of information from previous years, especially from the 2012 thread where we reached... Read More

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    OMG Here we go!

    Congrats SDBruin

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    Thanks, salinn! Wishing everyone the best!!!
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    Yes SDBruin. Congrats! Let's hope there are more invites out of our little AllNurses family!
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    That's awesome SDBruin. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
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    Just got an invite for psych!!
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    I just received an interview for psych as well!
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    Just got an interview invite for FNP! Congrats all the other interview-ees.
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    Anybody know what percentage of applicants are interviewed? And what percentage of interviewees are accepted?
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    Has anyone heard back about the midwifery track?
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    I was asked to interview for the FNP track. One more stage in the gauntlet. I wish everyone luck and no matter what, don't give up.

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