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Hello everyone - this is my second time applying. A month ago, I bombed the interview! If this is your first time applying, there's a world of information from previous years, especially from the 2012 thread where we reached... Read More

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    Great point FinnCat. There is nothing we can do now. And if we don't get in to SU, that doesn't mean that we are lesser or will make inferior NPs. Unless it was a program that only objectively looked at test scores and GPA (which of course it isn't), the selection of the cohort will be based on subjectivity.

    If I were closer than a 6 hour plane trip across the ocean, I would come and join you at the neighborhood bar. We could commiserate and compulsively check email together. But alas, instead of drinking a pint of good brew, I am stalking allnurses.

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    Oh no, Calinca! I am so sorry to hear that! You have been such a great support to all of us.
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    I'm sorry too Calinca!
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    Oh man...I'm sorry, Calinca! I guess we should all be hearing soon then, eh?
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    I'm so sorry Calinca that makes me not want to check my email...
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    I feel like I am being marched to the guillotine.

    When someone like Calinca - who obviously espouses the attitude that SU desires so much - doen't get an interview, I feel sunk.
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    thanks everyone. I just need some time now.

    But don't let this discourage you all, you are all amazing!
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    I feel the same way...I wonder if all the "obviously more qualified people" tend to not seek out a website/thread like this? Also per my previous message, I definitely had to check my email right away...
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    Calinca, I am SO sorry!! I am flabbergasted since you were selected last year. My heart sunk. I definitely know what it's like to be in your position and can sympathize. I know nothing we say will really make that feeling go away quickly, but know that what I've read from your posts, you are a wonderful person. Don't ever let this be something that defines you because you are great!
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    It's 430 Seattle time I think. Looks like we may have to go another day without knowing.

    Is anyone in the Facebook group? Has anyone passed along any info over there?

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