Seattle U - APNI 2013 - page 17

Hello everyone - this is my second time applying. A month ago, I bombed the interview! If this is your first time applying, there's a world of information from previous years, especially from the... Read More

  1. by   vivealegre
    For the record, I called SU yesterday and they also told me they were in the process of reviewing applicants. She didn't seem to know much though. Since I would have to fly into Seattle if I got an interview, I am also hoping they give me enough time to buy a ticket at a reasonable price!
  2. by   SDBruin
    Hey guys, I heard back regarding an interview for their adult gero program. They just sent the email about 10 min ago. Good luck everyone!
  3. by   salinn
    OMG Here we go!

    Congrats SDBruin
  4. by   SDBruin
    Thanks, salinn! Wishing everyone the best!!!
  5. by   Hawaii808
    Yes SDBruin. Congrats! Let's hope there are more invites out of our little AllNurses family!
  6. by   FinnCat
    That's awesome SDBruin. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
  7. by   sarahdukie
    Just got an invite for psych!!
  8. by   atomicgirl
    I just received an interview for psych as well!
  9. by   SusanMTaylor
    Just got an interview invite for FNP! Congrats all the other interview-ees.
  10. by   atomicgirl
    Anybody know what percentage of applicants are interviewed? And what percentage of interviewees are accepted?
  11. by   salinn
    Has anyone heard back about the midwifery track?
  12. by   FinnCat
    I was asked to interview for the FNP track. One more stage in the gauntlet. I wish everyone luck and no matter what, don't give up.
  13. by   icelind
    I was also asked for an interview to the FNP track, first hurdle out of the way!