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Hello everyone - this is my second time applying. A month ago, I bombed the interview! If this is your first time applying, there's a world of information from previous years, especially from the... Read More

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    I was also going to ask if anyone on here is paying attention to the Facebook page. I deactivated my Facebook account two years ago so I don't have access. Anyone receive emails in that group yet?
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    Last year, they sent the email two saturdays before the first day of interview which this year is the 23, so I'm shooting for this saturday! Who knows really, but at least I'm not so crazy.. yet.
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    Thanks Calinca,
    I'm glad you're "not so crazy...yet." I am starting to feel like a pressure cooker. I think that waiting to hear on the interview is going to be harder than waiting on admission letters. Maybe not... but I know that I am feeling very nervous now.
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    I hope you are right Calinca!
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    Hi everyone, I know we will be hearing about interviews in the next few days. I wish you the best of luck!!! Keep us posted on the board!
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    Thank you Hawaii! Good luck to you to!

    It's really close now guys!
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    Nothing yet :/
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    they are really running out of time, aren't they? They really try to give us 2 weeks to prepare and also to schedule all the interviews but I guess things are complicated this year on their end. Hopefully that does not mean that the number of applicants was ridiculously higher than the previous years.. oh well, I can bet they are working this weekend to finish this off as soon as possible.

    Hang in there folks!
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    Hi everyone. I am glad I came across this forum. I've been checking my blackberry every hour, and so far, no word from Seattle. If they do not want to interview you, do you also hear from them? I live on the East Coast, and if they want to interview me, I was planning to fly out. And flight costs are upticking by the day. I'm so on edge that I'm starting to be a little snappy. I've got to cut that out. If I hear something, I will send an update. It's good to feel a sense of solidarity. I wish everyone luck.
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    If they don't want to interview you, they you send you a regular letter, not email. BUT, the status page will also change to "your decision has been mailed". You can interview via phone too if you prefer!
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    Typically, I am a quite relaxed person - one who tends to "go with the flow." This is most likely from my upbringing in the islands; however, this waiting is rough. I know I've said it before, but I will say it again. *grumble grumble

    I have just decided what will make me relax a bit... a glass of red wine.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow everyone! The interview dates are coming quickly so they can't hold out too much longer.
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    This wait is agonizing....
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    I agree... I'm checking my email every 15 mins. I'm heading in to work soon, so maybe that should keep my mind off of this at least until tonight. Hang in there, guys!