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Searching for psych np programs (msn)!

  1. 0 I'm looking into online psych np programs. So far I plan on applying to slu but want to apply to others in case I am not accepted there. I'm having trouble finding online msn np programs that don't require you to travel to the school 5 times a year. Any one know any other programs I could look into??
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    I think UND requires less traveling than that.
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    Currently enrolled at Drexel but I am also looking at less travelling so applied to SLU and Wilkes University. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    If you are going to attend expensive online NP program, make sure they help with preceptorship. (esp psych programs) I know some online students who have difficulty finding preceptors after paying that much for tuition. Luckily, she finally found a preceptor but she had to spend time calling around and begging lots of people. That's why I advocate for in-state school even though it may require hybrid (combination of online-onground) or classroom. You have much better rotation experience this way, and you are not limited to what you can find. Online education is (to a degree) the travesty of nursing education (no comments needed- personal opinion).
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    MHNP programs also vary as to how much talk therapy vs drug therapy based they are. I would imagine the talk therapy part would have some difficulties online.