Samford University FNP-January 2014 Start - page 2

Hey everyone! I just received my notification letter about getting into Samford university FNP for January 2014. I would like to know if anyone has gone there and has any tips for success, tips... Read More

  1. by   DrRusty
    Way to go, Idaho!
    Backtalkdoc told me to jump in this thread and say hey. Send me an instant message.
    I'm from Twin Falls, ID as well. Looks like it will be great to have some classmates to study with!
    I have three other classmates of mine from nursing school who I graduated with starting the program with me. They are from Colorado, New Mexico and Connecticut.
  2. by   Courtney1305
    I have been accepted as well! I'm from Fort Worth, Texas, see y'all in January!
  3. by   Conqueror+
    Are you all required to find your own preceptors ?
  4. by   DrRusty
    I believe that we are required to find our own preceptors. I've actually been working on it for two years. I have most of mine already lined up for next year. It helps that I already have a working relationship with most of the docs and NPs that I will be working with.
  5. by   DrRusty
    Courtney, looking forward to meeting you. One of my good friends from Wayland is a chiropractor in Fort Worth. He had to take a semester off, otherwise he would have graduated with us and possibly started at Samford with us all. As it is, I believe that is is starting somewhere else in February.
  6. by   Courtney1305
    has anyone set up their remote proctor yet? For some reason it is not working for me and their help desk is clueless as to how to help!
  7. by   Soon2BAPN
    Hi everyone, I was just accepted at samford for the fall of 2014 and I just wanted to have some insights about the program.

    1- How was the 1st semester? is it manageable while working full time? 3x/wk

    2- Did you get any help from the school when it came to finding your clinical site?

    Anyone answer will be greatly appreciated. I am so excited about the program, and I am just trying to be prepared.
  8. by   backtalkdoc
    the first semester is totally doable with work. Almost everyone in my program worked the entire time throughout the entire program. I worked full time and still picked up extra shifts here and there, so you will be fine.
    The school leaves it to you to find your own clinical sites, but they have a huge list of places(broken down by each state) that are already approved to have students and have had them in the past, so you will probably be able to set them up pretty easy.
  9. by   Soon2BAPN
    Thank you so much for your reply, I am glad to hear that it is entirely doable. I see from your previous posts that you graduated from there in 2013, if you don't mind I would like to send you some private msg just to ask you a few more questions about the school, what to expect, how to study.... just to have some pointers from someone who went through the program. I realize that I can't send private msg because I do not have enough posts yet, but let me know if its ok with you.