Samford FNP program: Anyone with insight?

  1. I live in NY and the Board of higher ed limits residents to a list of "approved" programs for nursing. That being said, Samford is one that is approved and in reading what the program has to offer it seems like a great choice. I am unable to find much feedback on the program however from people that have attended. Was wondering how students felt about the quality of the program, and how the orientation and other on site visits work. (like with Frontier you stay on campus, I am wondering if I need to budget for hotel, rental car etc)

    Any information that can be supplied would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   cnp002
    I have the same issue in my state...NC...but no approved list of program found. I am pursuing FNP...
  4. by   lils385
    I plan to attend this program this fall. They sent a very detail itinerary of the orientation week. It appears that you have the opportunity to meet the instructors and have a brief overview of the upcoming semester. Orientation this year is from 8/20-8/23 from 0730-1600. They do not house you online during this time, but they include a list of local hotels in the packet, with student discounted rates. So far, everyone has been very nice, but as I say, I haven't started the program yet, and have only spoken to people via email. (which is normally answered within 24 hrs.). I hope this helps!!
  5. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    That is a great help thank you! Good luck in the program and keep us posted!
    So torn between this and Frontier! I am really interested in both programs. What made you decide on Samford? Do you know anyone that attended the program?
  6. by   lils385
    To hoping4rnin2010,

    I do not know anyone who has been through this program, but it came highly recommended from several practicing CRNP and MDs. Thanks for the luck, I know I will prob need it for grad school
  7. by   nomal
    I attend Samford's FNP and it is the best program on the PLANET. The faculty are incredibly nice and more than competent. It is very achievable. Not easy, but do-able. I attended grad school elsewhere and was very happy there, but my experience at Samford for the FNP has been STELLAR. Do it. You won't regret it. I am familiar with Frontier, in fact was accepted there too, but did not go. Much less student supportive and student friendly, poor communication and no sense of urgency to students. I have heard this from colleagues and experienced a bit of it myself.
  8. by   PatMac10,RN

    Have you found a school yet? I am a NC resident and student nurse and hope schools like Samford and Frontier Nursing Iniversity are approved by the time I decide to pursue my FNP.