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  1. 0 Need some any feedback about RODP program! I specifically looking at ETSU. Thank you!!!!
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    I am starting the program in 3 weeks I am assigned to apsu though...I live 20 minutes from etsu but by the time I decided to apply a missed the deadline for them, and apsu had an easier application process. From what I know though the programs are pretty similar regardless if your homeschool so if you are I. The Johnson city area I wouldn't mind a stuffy buddy!
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    I'm actually in Knoxville area. Etsu is where I got my BSN though. I also was accepted into Carson Newman trying to weigh brick and mortar vs online!
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    Are u starting summer then?
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    Yes, I'm starting this summer...I think I'll be taking research and theory...I'm going to starting part time and then possibly going full time near the end.
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    I just like the flexibility of the online program...I work full time nights and it'd be impossible to keep that up with a brick and mortar program
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    I work full time as well. One thing I am worried about is finding preceptors all on own. Have not received much guidance on program start yet either. Good luck to you!!
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    I'm nervous about preceptors as well. I work NICU so my contacts don't at all apply to the FNP world.
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    Keep in touch if you choose the RODP program...Knoxville is close enough for us to be study buddies I am a little nervous about not having people to work with in class, so someone in my area would be great! Good luck to you as well!