Rn-msn pmhnp vs bsn-msn pmhnp

  1. Iam currently a ADN student and I know I want to be a PMHNP infact it is the sole reason for me going to nursing school in the first place. I wanted to know if there were any folks out there who have done the RN to MSN PMHNP program and if it any harder to find a job with that degree vs doing it the more traditional way and getting your bachelors first.
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  3. by   melrnbcAL
    Nope, and that is exactly the way I am about to completed my MSN degree. I have a projected graduation date of Dec 13 and have received 3 offers for positions contingent upon program completion, passing the boards, and become certified. A Degree is a Degree. What you must be aware of is the accreditation of your chosen college, their board passage rates, and the requirements needed to be able to sit for the certification exam!
  4. by   Respiratory817
    Thanks for the reply Mel. I will also be done in dec 13, just my adn though. Im looking into the Vanderbilt program out in tenn. because it has minimal on campus requirements.
  5. by   mzaur
    I don't see why 'minimal on campus requirements' is a good thing. though Vanderbilt is a great program.
  6. by   Respiratory817
    Minimal on campus requirements are good because I live in TX and the school is in TN. Clinicals will be at a satelite site in my home state and lecture/theory for me anyway is just as good over a computer as it is in the classroom. I have done a bit of research on Vanderbilt and their grads seem to praise the school other than the high cost.
  7. by   JUSTanLPN
    Vandy is a tough school, prestigious and expensive too. Graduating from that grad school will likely open doors across the country for you( despite what ppl say about licensure being all that matters-there is a line eventually to that theory)

    With that being said they're very competitive. Ensure top of the line grades and what not and go for it!!
  8. by   portlandnp
    A lot of programs even outside nursing are moving to online streaming lectures. This is even happening at some medical schools. My cousin is a med student in So. Cali., and he loves the live streaming lectures. He can actually take long weekends and visit us up in Oregon while never missing a class! I see "minimal on campus requirements" being the way things go for advanced education.