Questions on applying for generalist entry APN programs.

  1. I'm a soon to be graduating from UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) with a BS in kinesiology. After going back and forth with some ideas, I'm shooting for a long term goal of being an APN. My cumulative GPA is 3.95 and have A's in all my prerequ courses(I've gotten all A's with the exception of one B while at the university), but my overall GPA including my grades from community college is only 3.52 (I came out of high school smoking a lot of weed and not be very academically focused). I'm thinking about trying to apply to generalist entry masters programs in nursing--the ones that are for non-nursing applicants that have bachelors and have fulfilled the necessary prerequisites. UIC offers one, but there don't seem to be many in the country.

    I've got a couple of questions:
    Does being a male give me any sort of advantage (Initialy I thought it might, but it seems from what I'm reading now, not so much)?
    I have no clinical medical experience,but my degree program has had me taking a ton of health science classes.
    I'm taking an EMT course now, but wont have it finished by the time I apply. Will this hurt me?
    Are these programs a good route to go, or should I try to do an accelerated BSN program, and then work towards NP after?

    Any other comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi there and welcome to AN.

    I'm an APN in central IL and here's my take on your questions:

    1. Male/female, black/white/brown, etc - makes no difference as a working APN

    2. What exam does this "generalist APN" take? Is it an APN at all? Sounds more like a "generalist MSN".

    3. Is it a clinical masters? Another words do you finish up with an MSN but you are entry level RN? Or...are you an advanced practice nurse (APN)?

    4. If being an NP is what your goal is, I would ensure that after this course, you can sit for one of the NP exams.

    5. Good thing is there are lots of jobs in northeast IL. I got called out of the blue by a headhunter offering me several job choices in northeast IL. I like where I'm at so it was a no go but have no clue where they got my name/phone number.
  4. by   Lukela
    Thanks for the advice. I should have been a little clearer though

    The generalist entry just means that the program is designed for non-nurses that already have a bachelors degree. The programs starts with a 15 month accelerated phase leading to RN license qualifications. Then it's 2-4 years after that, depending on if you go full or part time, that leads to APN. When you apply to the program you have to pick your specialty, so by the very end I would qualify to sit for the NP exam for whatever specialty I pick.

    Also, how do you like being an APN? What sort of setting do you work in?