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I am thinking about going back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner after I get my BSN in Nursing, but I have a few questions. 1) Is being a Nurse Practitioner totally different from being an RN? 2) Can a Nurse practitioner... Read More

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    Oh ok. Thanks anyway!

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    You are welcome.

    I think you will find out more about what you want to do once you see an NP in his/her practice, ask questions of them, etc. Will give you a more clear picture of what to expect.

    Of course, keep coming back here, too. We will help you by answering your questions and keeping you informed as much as possible.

    Good luck.
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    You also said in your original post "when you get your BSN." I suggest you work for several years as a RN before you become an NP. You need to have a background in normal versus abnormal before you become an NP. (I was an RN for almost 20 years before I became an NP. I couldn't have done it as a new RN.)
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