Questions about Azusa Pacific University - Post Master's FNP Program

  1. 1 Hey Everyone!

    I thought I'd ask about the Azusa Pacific University - Post Master's FNP Program since I'm sure there's someone out there who knows someone or has gone through the program! So this is a two-part question:

    First off, can someone give me some details specifically about this program? I've read reviews that it's a great NP program, that they get great clinical sites, etc. but I haven't heard SPECIFICS like WHICH clinical sites, how the instructors are, how painful admissions is, how the entrance interview was, what the FNP exam pass rates were for your class, how they are with taking time off (like a weekend) etc.

    Second, the cutoff to apply for the post grad FNP cert at Azusa is January 15, 2013 and it looks like I'll have all of my classes done for my MSN, except for my graded Capstone thesis - which I'll have completed by February 2013. Azusa is still willing to look at my paperwork for Summer 2013 admission but I'm not sure on my chances of getting in. Does anyone have experience with how strict their grad department is with admissions? My GPA is around 3.5 and I have over a decade of military medical experience, but I wont have an MSN degree in hand by the cutoff - although certainly by the start date for the program in May 2013.

    Any bit of info on the program would be greatly appreciated! THANKS SO MUCH!
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    Anyone have any info? I am looking to apply for Fall 2013 for their FNP program.

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