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My head is spinning off my shoulders! My goal is to go into private practice as a prescribing clinician who specialized in psychiatry. What is the difference between a Psychiatric Mental Health... Read More

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    myelin, you make some excellent points and I totally agree about the quality of the program. That's very important to me as well. Definitely avoid the diploma mills. Some colleges are private and SLU. I think my fear of the GRE is the math. I am very weak in math and the thought of that exam makes my hands sweat! But, the GRE is just one aspect of the application process. Recommendations are very important, as is the application essay. I think a person has to find the right fit for them. I'm glad we live in a country that blesses us with so many options! I only listed schools I know to be well respected. Tuition varies considerably across the nation. Good luck!

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    You're right, the GRE is a relatively small part of a person's application - and that's why it pains me to see people not even considering programs because of it! Hehe. The vast majority of nursing schools just want to make sure you do "alright" on the GRE and even if you don't, if you have strong letters, background, etc. you should be fine. The GRE math is annoying, but really, it's all about learning the little tricks, just buy a GRE workbook and you'll be fine. Anyway, I encourage people to not let a silly standardized test to stand in the way of attending many fine NP programs.
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    definitely the NP. (dnp's wont matter until states mandate it as the minimum req. to practice, and until recently some didnt even req the masters. some states still allow PA's and NP's with certificates to practice. )

    the aanc is changing the psych np to a family psychiatric mental health NP credential. get a school that has already changed over, so if your adult or child psych lapses you wont be screwed! vanderbilt, drexel, (and others) are flexible and have a good name and offer family psych np. good luck!

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