Psych NP vs Derm NP - page 2

Hey everyone! So I'm currently in an NP program that offers FNP and PMHNP routes. I have completed several classes thus far and I am approaching the time when I'm going to have to decide which route... Read More

  1. by   rooseveltdunn
    Take my advice with a grain of salt as I am just now starting the journey through NP school. From the research I have made most Dermatology practice generally go for PA's rather than FNP's. As a psych NP you would have more autonomy and power and in that specialist PMHNP's tend to be the go to while PA's tend to come in as second fiddle to Psychiatrists. In terms of security and options PMHNP would be safer, in derm you would compete with PA's who tended to the first choice by many dermatology practice.