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Priceless FNP clinical resources

  1. 1 Hi there! I'm in my next to last clinical rotation & am looking for some online/e-book/pocket book/or textbook references to help me master the following: interpreting labs/UA, and pharmacology. I felt like I had a really good handle of drug classes, etc in undergrad, but worked in the NICU for so ling with a limited scope of meds that I've forgotten so much & had a terrible advanced pharm professor who didn't even show up for lectures!! Thanks!

    (I have Barkley & Fitz books/cds, but I want more of a backbone/foundational resource for the topics I mentioned, rather than just mastering the study books with limited info to pass a cert exam, if you know what I mean)
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    I agree with Tarascon's Primary Care pocketbook. Very comprehensive and easy to read. Its about 200 pages, but somehow it touches on every subject I learned in school. Must have : )