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Yay! I took my acute care pediatric nurse practitioner exam last week and passed it! I have never been so nervous about an exam in my life. NCLEX and the CCRN were a piece of cake compared to this. Whew. :cheers: I saw a... Read More

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    Quote from elise08
    Thanks. Could you give me a general idea of what I do need to know from primary care? I am assuming developmental theories, red flags of developmental delay, immunizations, and possibly ear infection and pneumonia treatment...and probably some ortho, GI, and nephro diagnoses which could be seen in primary care or the hospital
    I take the exam next summer. What I've heard in terms of immunizations is almost all of that content was removed when they revised the exam. The only questions I've heard people getting are regarding which vaccines are live ones. I have been told not to study the immunization stuff at all. I have heard there are a lot of questions on SIADH/DI/CSW, so make sure you know that stuff really well.

    Good luck! Let us know what you think of it

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    Thanks, I can use all the tips I can get!!
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    I took the PNCB practice test. I am so glad you told me not to be discouraged because I only got 48/75! Despite your advice, I am still freaked out by this and wondering if I should postpone my exam. I am usually a good test taker but this exam is giving me so much anxiety..especially because I have a job offer that pends on me passing the first time.
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    ITU. I am a good test taker as well and this test stressed me out like no other. However, I just did a little better than you on the practice exam and I did much better on the real test. I thought the PNCB practice test was a bit ambiguous with some answers whereas the actual exam was pretty straightforward.

    What is your nursing background?
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    I am glad to hear that the real test is more straightforward. Someone in my class who just passed said it was pretty straightforwar also. I have 4 years general pediatric floor experience (with specialties in nephrology, ortho, trauma). you? and are you working as an NP yet?
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    Just wanted to let you know that I took the exam a couple days ago and passed! I really appreciated your advice to stop focusing on primary care stuff so much. It was definitely acute-care focused. I don't know yet (not sure if they do tell you?) how well I actually did as far as how close I was to the pass/fail mark...but at least it was good enough! phew!
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    Yay!! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I'm glad my advice was helpful and saved someone else from wasting too much time on the PC info.

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