Online Vs. Traditional FNP Programs

  1. Hi all,

    I am researching grad school FNP programs and would like to have feedback on online vs. traditional. Why did you choose one type of program over the other? Were you able to work?

    I work M-F and, though I am willing to make schedule adjustments, I'm unsure if it is reasonable to expect that I can maintain employment at all while going to school. I would like to know if an online FNP program allows for more flexibility. My first choice is to attend an in-person program. I am in the final semester of a BSN online and would like an in-person program for MSN. However, I am willing to go in whichever direction is more conducive to my needs. I hope I've articulated my questions well. Any and all responses regarding your experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   kguill975
    I attended a local B&M school, that wasn't a top tier school, but well known in my area for putting out quality nursing school graduates. I'm a single mom of a special needs child, and I worked full-time weekends, for a 32 hours/week position. I completed my clinical hours primarily during the week, but I did ACNP, so there were some night/weekend clinical shift requirements. When those came up, I used PTO for work. I believe that if you have no choice, but to work full-time, you'll do what it takes. I took my time taking the theory classes, but when the clinical portion started, I had to follow the matriculation, since there's very little flexibility there. There were a lot of times that I was really stressed out, but you just have to push through. I came out owing $22K, which I feel is a very affordable program. Good Luck to you, and you're smart to plan ahead.
  4. by   zmansc
    I chose a remote online program. There were no options for B&M programs that I could do without relocationg, and that was not an option due to family reasons. As kguill975 mentioned, I believe if this is really what you want, than you will find a program that will meet with your needs. That is one of the advantages of NP, you can make your life and your schooling fit together.

    In my case, it was choose to miss my children's teen years (not to mention my wife), or choose to do my program online. The choice was easy when I looked at it that way!

    As for working, again that is something that your situation will dictate. There are many students in my cohort who choose to quit their jobs once they realized the level of effort it was going to take for them to complete this program. There are many who choose to make other commitment sacrifices to make it work. I personally went from a FT employee to a PRN employee just prior to starting the program for the flexibility of it and because I didn't need the benefits, I actually got a higher rate of pay. Most of the time I pull just as many hours a week as I would have as a FT employee. But there are weeks when we have a bunch of deadlines, tests, papers, whatever and I try to not work as much those weeks. Doesn't always mesh perfectly, but I seem to get through it.