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  1. 0 I am currently applying to Boise State University's online AGNP program- start date is Jan 2014. The program is new, this is the first cohort. I am a bit nervous because the program is so new, and their accredidation will be pending a site visit once the program starts. The cost is $600 per credit, they help with finding clinical placement in your area.
    I am also looking in to George Washington University- any other recommendations? Or any advice about either of these programs? I want to make sure the school is reputable and competent.
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    Best Family Nurse Practitioner Programs | Top Nursing Schools | US News Best Graduate Schools is from 2011 rating online graduate schools. At least for FNP, not sure but you may be able to do a google search for "top rated AGNP programs online as well"
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    Clarkson College- Omaha, NE--- $497 / credit hour
    Nursing Health Care Administration
    Nursing Education
    Adult–Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
    Family Nurse Practitioner
    Frequently Asked Questions - Clarkson College
    FNP-online with two on campus visits (2-3 days each)
    Admissions 3 times per year (Fall, Spring & Summer)
    No GRE
    Find your own preceptors of your choice
    Admissions Requirements:
    Bachelor’s or higher level degree from a professionally accredited institution (NLNAC/CCNE) with a 3.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale.
    Valid unencumbered RN license.
    Application and application fee.
    Scholarly essay.
    Official academic transcripts from each post-secondary institution previously attended.
    Two professional recommendations.
    Current resume.

    ***here is another online school I found****
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    Clarkson requires experience FYI
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    I also applied to Boise States NP program and I received my acceptance letter yesterday. The cost seems to be higher than 600 per credit, even for Idaho residents. As an Idaho resident, I would have to pay $324 per credit in tuition. However, when I looked on broncoweb, I saw that the two classes that they want people to take this spring (Nurs 502 and 510) both have $1800 fees in addition to tuition. I was expecting some additional fees, but I was a bit blindsided by the extra $3600 for just two classes. I am crossing my fingers, hoping that I am just misunderstanding...maybe the $1800 is per semester and not per class. I just hope that not every class has fees this high. Anyway, if you know something I don't, feel free to fill me in. Thanks!
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    Ooops. PacnwRN, sorry for messaging you twice with the same information. I thought you were a different person!
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    No problem! You are the first person I've talked to that has also applied to the Boise program, so I'm happy to hear what you have to say :-)
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    One of the things I have been pondering is that the program is not CCNE, but accredited by NLNAC?
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    Hello. Good to see others applying to Boise State. Congrats on your acceptance mrgordan. My heart sank when I saw your post and I hadn't heard anything yet. I received my acceptance letter today!
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    Congrats thethinman.. I hope I will receive something soon! I am getting nervous...
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    Just received my acceptance letter to Boise State :-)
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    Congrats! The waiting part is always the worst. Have you decided which school you are going to attend?
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    I am emailing the student contact about some questions I still have before deciding Are you going to Boise for sure?