Olivet Nazerene University...is it a good school???

  1. Hi everyone, I was recently accepted into Olivet Nazarene University FNP program. I'm extremely nervous and want to know if anyone else is going through with this program. If so what are thoughts on the school and it's program??? Any advice will be helpful ; )
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  3. by   mtsteelhorse
    Would love to know as well. Do you have info on tuition? Is the program entirely online? Application process? I haven't called yet for fear the tuiton is out of my league. Thanks and good luck!
  4. by   NerdyNikki
    Hi, mtsteelhorse,

    Actually compare to other school, their tuition is cheaper. Also what I really like about them is some of your classes is online and your major classes, such as pathology and pharmacology, is in classes. If it anything that scare me is knowing no one has that I know has been through the program. Though recently, I found out one of my coworker's ( an APN and clinical specialist) teaches their. I guess I will have to see ; ) Say a word a prayer for me, I meet with the director this week ; )
  5. by   mtsteelhorse
    Best of luck to you. I can't attend a program that requires in class participation. I have to do online only but could attend some week long intensives like some schools offer. I wish you all the best!
  6. by   NerdyNikki
    Thanks so much : )