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Is 52 too old to start an NP career when the nurse has had 3.5 years of nursing experience and an MBA with consulting and sales experience? VERY interested in integrative health and prevention as... Read More

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    I would like to ask the question from another end of the spectrum. I am in my second semester of my ADN program now. I am currently 19 and will hopefully graduate at 20! It is my goal to continue straight on to my MSN-FNP. Giving myself an extra year, I figure I should be 24 or near 25 by the time I get my MSN, if that is still the requirement during that time, do you think my age will affect me getting a job as an NP? I ask this because I look really young and am always getting asked how old I am by staff and patiens at the hopsital. Thaks for your time and consideration of the matter!

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    Your age may not but your lack of experience will.
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    What experience are you referring to? Lack of NP experience? Or lack of nursing experience? Because by that time I will have 3 to 5 years of working as a nurse. Or are you saying that I will need more nursing experience than 4 years?
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    Oh excuse me! (not sarcastic hehe... it's hard to tell through a computer) I assumed you would not be both working and doing your MSN. Best of luck
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    No problem. Thanks!
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    Go for it!!! I got my NP at age 47 and it's the best thing I ever did.
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    I most certainly will! What do you like about bring an NP? What kind of NP are you?

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