North Carolina Approved NP programs (Online)...

  1. North Carolina seems to have a pretty strict list of approved online NP programs authorized in that state. I originally thought it was due to their "stringent" standards for higher education until I was going through the list of approved programs and saw Walden and Kaplan Universities. I'm not knocking Walden/Kaplan at all, I'm sure they have great programs, however they are for-profit. The school I applied to is in Kentucky (my alma mater), a state school with a great rep, and 100% online, but not authorized in NC...

    Does this seem like a money/paperwork issue? I was very surprised to see for-profit schools approved over other reputable schools in other states. I am originally from KY and most likely will move back there after I separate from the military, but I own a home in NC. I know there are options in NC for online (Duke $$$$$$, UNC-CH (very competitive admissions and my gpa isnt awesome), etc. but it sucks if my alternatives to NC state schools will be for-profits because NC demands some monetary endorsement (I'm guessing) from other reputable schools. Why cant these states just get along? haha

    Sorry for the rant I'm stuck on the ship the next few weeks (Navy guy) and bored to tears. If anyone has any advice for a possible NC student for an online FNP program I'd love to hear from you
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  3. by   countrygirl1234
    Could you please tell me where you found the list of schools?
    Thanks so much!