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Need advice - APN specialty/schools

  1. 0 Short story - left a lucrative and successful career solely to become an APN (specifically an FNP). I'm now about to graduate with my BSN and could really use some guidance on selecting a school and specialty as I begin to apply. Biggest concern is the right school. Here are my questions/concerns:

    1) Does distance matter, i.e. will I be viewed differently by potential employers if my MSN is distance vs. brick and mortar?

    2) I would love to have ACNP and FNP certifications both. In my geographic area, I can realistically only get the ACNP "brick and mortar" and will have to do distance FNP. I really only want to do primary care, but love the idea of the additional knowledge the ACNP would offer and it could be done "brick and mortar." Which should I do first? Should I only worry about the FNP?

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    I've heard that if you do a distance NP program that it is best to attend a program that is affiliated with a reputable university. Many brick and mortar schools have distance programs as well.

    Also, Vanderbilt and University of South Alabama have combined ACNP/FNP programs that can be completed via distance or modified block format. I think you have to have 1-2yrs of acute care nursing experience though. Vandy may require ED nursing experience.

    If you're unable to complete a combined program, I think you should base you decision on the type of NP practice you want initially. Do you see yourself in a family practice office or do you see yourself managing acutely ill patients? If your desire is primary care then I would suggest doing the FNP first.

    Good luck!