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I am getting butterflies just thinking about sitting for the AANP test. I so wanna move the test date to July but I am sticking it to June so far. Anyone feeling this way? I have become insomniac... Read More

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    I am sure you will pass. Best of luck on Wednesday. In a way it makes sense even if one least we'll know how the exam will be. The thing is, I know myself and I will be traumatized.. LOL..It will take a long time for me to pick myself and start studying immediately. So, I rather pass on my first try than try multiple times. With that said, I postponed the exam date and I hate myself in a way because I have no life right now. All I do is study. But, I'll keep plugging in for 2 more weeks.

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    I don't blame you at all. I TRULY understand. I came SO close many times and just couldn't do it. I have a job lined up and they asked my test date about 3 weeks ago, so that pressure helped me stay on the same date. I just took the AANP practice test. I hate to say I paid the $50, but I needed some reassurance and I felt like that was the best way for me to get it. I got an 85%! I'm thrilled. Best score I've gotten on anything so far.

    Keep us updated and I'll let you know how it goes and what resources seem best whether I pass or not!
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    Reeya I feel the same way that if I fail I will be traumatized and devastated and it will be hard to pick myself back up. I'm sticking with my date of June 30th (there is a fee at this point to change it anyway), but I am definitely freaking out! Less than 2 weeks!

    Good luck kymaw!! I also paid for the practice tests (for the PNCB though). I plan to take them at the end of the week/next weekend--hopefully they will be a reassurance to me too! Definitely keep us updated! I will be thinking of you on Wednesday!
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    Just wanted to update everyone that I passed the PNCB yesterday Good luck to all those who are still preparing to take it or any of the certifying exams!
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    Congratulations! Great work!
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    Congratulations Jennifer !! Must have been a huge relief.

    Looks like good luck charm is going around in this thread. I will join you guys too as "passed" on 6th and this time I am sticking by the date.
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    To add to the group, I just passed the AANP today. I wish I didn't postpone it. It was easier than I thought. To those, practicing from Zerwekh CD, the question on exam seemed easier than her CD question bank. Now, off to celebrate the weekend.
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    Congratulations Reeya!! So happy that you passed--I was rooting for you!
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    Wonderful news, congratulations!

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