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I am getting butterflies just thinking about sitting for the AANP test. I so wanna move the test date to July but I am sticking it to June so far. Anyone feeling this way? I have become insomniac... Read More

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    Just wanted to update everyone that I passed the PNCB yesterday Good luck to all those who are still preparing to take it or any of the certifying exams!
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    Congratulations! Great work!
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    Congratulations Jennifer !! Must have been a huge relief.

    Looks like good luck charm is going around in this thread. I will join you guys too as "passed" on 6th and this time I am sticking by the date.
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    To add to the group, I just passed the AANP today. I wish I didn't postpone it. It was easier than I thought. To those, practicing from Zerwekh CD, the question on exam seemed easier than her CD question bank. Now, off to celebrate the weekend.
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    Congratulations Reeya!! So happy that you passed--I was rooting for you!
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    Wonderful news, congratulations!
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    Congrats, reeya! Had a feeling you would pass!
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    I passed the AANP yesterday!!! I'm still in shock from 3 months of stress from studying for this test. I'm glad its over and now I can enjoy my life.
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    So Happy for You!! I'm testing on Friday, any words of wisdom???
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    I am sitting for the AANP FNP exam on Friday (July 20th) and I am freaking out!! I just took the Fitzgerald Bonus question (150) exam and scored 76%. I have Fitzgerald, Hollier, and Kellerman reviews. I devoted last week to the Fitzgerald CDs. Now, I don't know what I should study this week....Any Ideas?? I'm thinking of postponing...
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    I was in the same boat. Don't let anxiety overwhelm you during the test. During the test I notice my nerves were getting to me. So I took the time to close my eyes, took a couple of deep breaths, and told myself to calm the heck down.

    Fitz, hollier book, and the 2000 ANP & FNP practice questions was what I used to review. Honestly, using your "common sense" will help you with the test.

    I did not postpone my test. I studied like crazy like you. I couldn't take the anxiety anymore, so I changed the test 3 days early. I reviewed my weakest areas the day before the test.

    You studied enough! All you can do is try your best.

    Good luck. You can do it!!!