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I'm so EXCITED that I have finally made it to my final semester of FNP school. It's been a long and hard road but I can finally see the light. lol All May 2012 graduates come on in!! What are your thoughts on your past few... Read More

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    Hi guys/gals,

    Congrats to all of you getting ready to finish the last few weeks - I know it was difficult, painstakingly difficult at times, and I was a passenger on the same roller-coaster, lol.

    I'm graduating 12 May 2012 from Loyola University (New Orleans, La.) and like ALL of you, can't wait until that last clinical hour, last paper, last journal, last project, and last exam is in the rearview mirror. I'm not overly stressed about boards, a little nervous about the first day/week/month/year on the job, but otherwise, I'm excited to get started and moreover, continue the learning/growth experience.

    Thoughts on the/any NP program(s): Intense, rough, not for the weak, stressful, frustrating, heartbreaking. Those are the negatives, now for some positives: Intense, rough, not for the weak, challenging, rewarding, exciting. While I wish programs would separate academic classes and clinical classes (e.g., load academic at the beginning, finish with 100% clinical afterwards), I believe Loyola's program prepared me exceptionally well for the challenging role I'm about to assume. I hope most or all of you feel the same way - and if you're nervous, scared, or a little intimated - let those feelings motivate you to excel in your learning and practice goals. . .don't let them hinder or hold you back.

    On a personal note: Going to Vegas the morning after graduation. 5-day hiking/kayaking trip and of course, some much needed R&R.

    Best of luck to all of you. . .

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    Best of luck to you too Shane. Enjoy Vegas . That sounds awesome. I am going to cedar point (an amusement park) the day of my graduation and spending the weekend there. I couldn't agree with you more when you say that you wish the class work was separated form clinicals. That would be awesome. I know a guy that was in a NP program like that, and he rocked at clinical, lol. I hated when we were at clinical together because he had already been through all the course work and I hadn't.
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    School is officially over for me!!!! Next step is boards!!
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    Me too! YAY, do you have a date yet? I sent everything at the end of April so I am waiting. About how long does it take to find out when we can test?
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    Congrats, Mercedes674

    I'm so excited for you guys ; )
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    @MERCEDES674How was USF FNP program? I start this spring and info you can give would be great.
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    Im attending USF in the Spring 2013, can you give me any advice on their program? Thanks!
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    Quote from MERCEDES674
    USF was fine, like any other school you teach yourself. The faculty was great. I did the program online.
    I attend USF in the spring, can you give me any advice on their program?

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