Maryville University Summer 2013

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    Is there others out there that applied for this summer's FNP program?

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    Hello there, I will start this summer as well. I am excited but scared as well.
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    I still haven't heard back. I got the email on the 7th saying my package was going to review board. When did you apply?
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    Hi, I submitted the application on the 23, but requested to start for the Fall 2013. Has anyone applied for that term?
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    I am also accepted in the summer 2013 class. I am so excited can't wait to get started. By August I probably won't feel that way. Congrats to you for getting in. It took me a full month to find out. Don't give up. We can do this!!
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    Well I found out today that I got accepted to for the summer ! yay
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    I am in the application process for fall 2013!
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    Quote from jetmechgal
    Well I found out today that I got accepted to for the summer ! yay
    Congrats Jet, that's exciting... My package was sent to the review board last week.
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    I applied for fall 2013, my application went to review a week ago. Now it's time to just wait, the hardest part!!!
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    hello there fellow classmates, do you guys want to start a facebook page?
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