Maryville for FNP 2013

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    Has anyone been accepted into Maryville University for the Spring 2013 FNP class? I have been accepted!! Just seeing if anyone else has been as well. I am still waiting on my first choice, Frontier Nursing University, but if that does not work out I will definitely attend Maryville in the Spring!

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    Hi! I have also been accepted into the Spring 2013 FNP Maryville University class. I haven't turned in my intent to enroll as of yet. I do plan on faxing it to my advisor sometime in November. I am still waiting to hear from University of Cincinatti as well, but I don't think I will have much luck with that school. I have heard they are no longer accepting applicants for Florida residents. I am cool with Maryville though because I have a fellow employee that just started in August so he can help me along the way. Good luck and let us know which school you decided on!
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    YESS! I found someone! lol Same with me, I haven't turned in my intent to enroll either, my advisor stated that I had until November 5th to get it in. I'm on a waitlist at Frontier so you know how that goes. Ooohh, so how far along is your co-worker in the program? How does he like it so far? Yes, I definitely will!! Good luck to you as well! (:
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    My coworker is in the first semester and he says the program is doable while working. The first few weeks are a little overwhelming but he says it gets easier as the time progresses. So, I'm preparing myself to get into the "school mode" mindframe right now before January starts.
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    Me too! I need to get back into that mode ASAP! lol But that sounds great that it is doable while working...wonderful!
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    I emailed my intent to enroll today!
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    I just got my acceptance letter today for Spring 2013. Still trying to decide between this or ACNP at South Alabama... I suppose I need to figure this out ASAP.
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    Congrats to everyone who has been accepted into the spring program!!!

    Quick question.... how long did it take you to receive your acceptance letter from the time your application was officially submitted?

    I have submitted my application and am just curious how long I will have to live in limbo....

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    So, now I have found out I have also been accepted into University of Cincinnati...I think I will accept the Univ. of Cincinnatti because it was my first choice. Both programs costs around the same amount but UC is also affiliated with my place of employment so it should be a little easier to find preceptors when it comes time for clinicals!
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    I have also sent my intent to enroll for spring 2013. My welcome call is nov 28. I'm excited but also nervous!! Anyone else feeling the same?

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