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    I have applied for the BSN to DNP program at Loyola University New Orleans. Has anyone been a student in this program or are u currently enrolled? I would appreciate any thoughts or advice on the program
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    I graduated this May in Loyola's BSN-MSN HCSM program. I live right outside of New Orleans and could have gone to class once a week, but did the online version instead. I enjoyed the program, faculty, and the students. I also feel I learned a great deal. I really don't have any complaints. It motivated me to continue on and now I'm doing a post-master NP program.
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    I too have applied to the same program that begins in the summer.
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    Dana forgive me but can you tell me what hcsm stands for? I am also interested in attending this school. I will have my BSN and want to get my FNP but see that they only offer the DNP program now.
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    Hcsm stands for A msn in health care systems management. I am now doing a post masters at usa in, adult/gero np program. So far so good.
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    Thank you!
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    I was accepted into Loyola Univ's BSN-DNP program that starts this summer and pretty excited about it! I felt it would be a good program to do, the DNP program will be accredited in the spring, it's online and it takes three years. They are in the top 10% for online nursing schools as well.. Did you get accepted?
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    Yes I did. Momto4 did as well. Where are you from?
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    I'm in Virginia. I haven't received anything other than the acceptance letter yet. I emailed our point person and received my student ID that way. I know we are going down in April and I was told we would get the majority of information at that time.
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    I believe we will get all that info during orientation! Congrats guys! I am originally from Ohio! Where are you from @wengreen?