Loyola New Orleans DNP Summer/Fall 2013 - page 5

Has anyone applied to or has already been granted admission to Loyola BSN-DNP starting this summer/fall?If you are waiting on acceptance how long have you been waiting? If you are already accepted... Read More

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    She said it will be a week or two. Probably after spring break.
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    I've already requested days off in case I have to show up for orientation. I hope you did too?
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    I'm not even sure when Orientation is or how long it lasts! I'm superstitious about things and worry that if I ask off I will jinx myself and not get in!!
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    I don't think you need to tell your employer why you needed off. I didn't. I just requested and got approved. I'm not even 50 percent sure that I will get in but you just never be too prepared though. Orientation is from the 6-9th of May.
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    I am already off 3 of those days... what are the hours of the days? Any idea?
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    I found the dates on the schools master calendar and I believe the times are 8-5. It's commencement weekend after orientation so I suspect that hotel prices will be up. If we should hear something after spring break, when is spring break?
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    Where are you all coming from?
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    I live in New Orleans so I don't have to worry about travel. I'm not sure how they expect everyone to take off several days with just a few weeks notice. We schedule 2 months in advance at my hospital- I can get off but arranging extra childcare will be the hard part. I will feel like a jerk for setting things up and then not getting in!
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    BORN_2BRN- I am at Fort Polk LA which is about 4 hours away. I just need to find a hotel.

    Motherofhen-since you are from the area can you recommend some places to stay that are fairly close to the school that are reasonably priced? I have never been to NO and I will be coming there alone...hubby has to stay home with my son who has school. We were going to have a little family vacation but with 3 weeks of school left for the year I don't want to take him out for a week since we moved here in the middle of the school year anyway.
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    dnt8178, I'm about the same your distance between school and my house. I've never step foot in New Orleans before. Only drove by once. My husband if he was here would have taken me but he won't be able to make it. Yeah, I would like also know a nearby hotel with reasonable price to stay during orientation days.
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    The Hampton Inn on St Charles Avenue is closest- there are small bed and breakfasts throughout town, not sure of the price point though. I would look on the Internet and see what is reasonable. With it being around graduation and after the second weekend of Jazz fest occupancy may be a little full. Let me know if y'all have questions! I've lived here for a loooong time!
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    Got my email today- I'm in!!! Anyone else hear?
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    I'm in as well. Love their admitted creativity video.

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