Loyola BSN to DNP 2012

  1. 0 Just found out I am going to be interviewed Sunday @ 11 am for the programSo excited hope it works out
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    Had my interview and I think it went well. They are only excepting 25 people. She said it would take 2 weeks to hear about acceptance I hope I can wait that long
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    Will schedule mine today.
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    I had my interview tonight, it was very interesting. I think I did well; can't wait til I get the results.
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    We will soon cross over to student nurse practitioner section. It's so exciting. I'm already anxious and raring to go. I've sent in my deposit already awaiting my interview from Lisa. Have you found good malpractice insurance yet?
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    Well they haven't told me that what I already have is not sufficient through NSO. If I need to increase it or change it then I will. I faxed them a copy of that way back with the application.
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    Hey, have you received any email address or student numbers yet? I've been trying to fill out grants and things but don't have the information yet.
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    No, I haven't received anything. In fact my check to hold my spot hasn't cleared yet. I emailed to ensure that it was received and it was so I am not sure what the hold up is.
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    Mine either. I spoke to someone in financial aid office re: filling out papers for a grant and they couldn't see where I was even accepted. No information on me at all. They are suppose to email Elena and get back to me. Its probably because its still early but my grant paperwork is due March 9, so I hope they have something by then. When our check clears surely they will have us in the computer.
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    Finally got student ID# feeling good. Our check should be submitted next week which will take an additional week to clear.
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    I haven't received anything yet. I wonder what is going on?

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