Loyola bsn - dnp online format - page 2

I just got accepted to Loyola's BSN to DNP program. Is anyone familiar with the online Loyola online platform & class format?... Read More

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    I am still working on making reservations for orientation in May. I am glad to start knowing people before the program actually starts. Where are you staying?

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    They are all so expensive but I am thinking about Iberville Suites. Some say it may be cheaper to go outside if city limits. What is your real name and address n fb acct. We are all trying to keep up with each other. I am Wendy Murphy from Jacksonville, Fl. I wish the fb page I created would work. My email address is wengreen2004@yahoo.com
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    Has anyone started to look for preceptors yet. I was thinking of trying the preceptorconnect.com to take some of the pressure off of looking for one. Do any of you know of anyone who has used this website before?
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    I got in contact with the State group of NPs in VA. They sent me a list of possible precpeptors in my area of the state. Now I just have to contact them and see if I can find one.
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    I have also been accepted to Loyola New Orlean's BSN-DNP program. See you all in New Orleans April 30th . What is the name of the fb group?
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    Hey Wendy! Did you have any success finding NP preceptors in Jax? I live here too and am in need of preceptors for next year when I start clinicals. Thanks!

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