Looking for good fit in my NP program

  1. Hello All,
    I was wondering if someone could guide me:
    What I am looking for: FNP starting ASAP
    Mode: online
    My creds: ASN with 2+ years experience in ICU and step down

    I know this sounds presumptuous but hear me out. I have an extensive background in medicine, since I was a physician overseas for 10+ years.I also hold an MBA in healthcare. I happily and mindfully chose to transition in nursing with the goal of eventually becoming an NP because of kids and family, and my DH's 24/7 job.. Absolutely no regrets now that I have seen what an MD's life can be like.

    I am really looking for a school that is all online, except for clinicals that is, and can maybe give me some lifetime credit for previous experience. I have completed a stats and a phy asmt course this year.

    A school that can maybe offer a sort of portfolio based application where
    i dont have to do a bridge program, and
    a school that definitely needs no GRE.

    I have followed all of the threads for online fnp programs but most seem to need a bsn or adn to msn bridge: ie SIU, Drexel, UC...Applied to frontiers also ...never heard back from them,was very surprised as i have read such good things about them on this forum...

    Can anyone help me ? i am located in cincinnati, OH. Will be very, very,very,very grateful for any pointers
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    You can maybe start by looking at this list: http://www.aacn.nche.edu/IDS/pdf/RNMSN.pdf, which comes from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). Unfortunately, no reputable source keeps an accurate list of this anywhere, even AACN itself (case in point: this is a Fall 2010 list). I also know personally that where I used to live in Michigan, the RN-MSN programs were being phased out for lack of funding as schools were focusing on establishing DNP programs. You already have an ASN but part of me thinks that you could have been a perfect candidate for a direct entry NP program had you not gotten your RN first.
  4. by   dxbtocvg
    Thanks for the info Juan. I have seen something similar on their website but that was 2009 info. It seems intimidating to go thru that entire list ... but will dig in , one school at a time.