Is ANCC easier than AANP?

  1. I recently took the AANP and failed (ANP). I made it about 2/3 of the way through the test and did not pace myself and had to start willy nilly marking answers because I was running out of time. Still, I was not prepared and it is my fault, I know. I took the APEA course but admittedly did not put into it what I should have. I did recognize some of the questions but the cardiovascular questions really messed with my head because I was not familiar with heart sounds.

    With student loans nipping at my heels and other financial issues from not working for two years I understand it's time to get serious and I'm ready. I have Millonig's Adult Nurse Practitioner Certification Study Question book which I am going through, and I'm going to focus on the APEA course this time, but I would like to know if anyone has taken both. I am wondering if one is easier than the other? I don't know whether or not to take the AANP again or focus on the ANCC. Everyone I know who has taken the ANCC has passed, though I'm sure neither exam is a piece of cake.

    Anyway, I appreciate any information, suggestions or study tips. It was really a low blow to see "did not pass" show up on the screen, though I can't understand why I expected any different, as poorly prepared as I was.
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  3. by   annfaith
    I recently took the AANP FNP exam and thought it was fairly easy. I did the Hollier Review course which really helped with using the information to rule out bogus or incorrect answers. The study guide and their study questions helped me immensely. I also listened to the Fitzgerald CD's which was a great help. I don't think any test is easier than the other and prepartion will probably help you do better next time. Good luck with whichever test you decide to take.
  4. by   Aniva
    I took the AANP. I went to the Fitzgerald 3 day review course, used the review book they gave, and did a boat load of practice questions from - Your #1 source for passing the AANP Family Nurse Practitioner since it was computerized. when using this website, I skipped the reimbursemenet/theory/business type questions and just focused on the clinical ones. These were the three things that I primarily used and thought was very helpful for the test. The website shoots so many practice questions at you, it'll make your head spin.. I also had the Hollier review book and the Fitzgerald practice exam book, but I honestly didn't use those two much... so I can't really give an opinion. Know your drugs and antibiotics/classes. Can't speak for the ANCC, but I felt the AANP was a fair exam. I chose not to take the ANCC because of rumors I've heard about the type of questions it contained vs. the ones the AANP provided... I heard the ANCC incorporated questions relating to theory, culture, etc. and the AANP was more clinically based. When I took the AANP, all the questions were clinical. I personally hate the theory, culture, reimbursement, type questions... Best of luck to you and don't give up! You may find yourself sacrificing a lot of time and money to prepare for this, but what is that amount vs. a whole lifetime. It'll be worth it
  5. by   MoiFNP
    I am ready to take the ANCC exam in 5 days. I graduated in December from my FNP program, but have been studying for the exam since early Nov. I purchased Fitzgerald's CD's and review book, Leik review, and Hollier review questions, plus I've done various online practice tests. I am ready...I think. I feel that by purchasing these three references I have discovered my weak areas and my strengths. This enabled me to focus on what I need for the exam. Wish me luck...I'm a bit nervous, but I'm ready to take the plunge
  6. by   annfaith
    Good Luck on your exam. It sounds as if you have prepared adequately. You should do well. Good Luck again.
  7. by   TT, CFNP
    I hope you do well. God Bless.
  8. by   MoiFNP
    I passed the ANCC exam today ((breathe))......I actually 'Tebowed' in the testing center as they handed me my notice:bowingpur Thanks to all for the kind words!!
  9. by   annfaith
  10. by   JenDandy
    Yay for you! I will sign up for the ANCC as soon as I can get up a few hundred dollars.
  11. by   Adidi
    Congrats to all of you that passed.. Good job! 👍
    I took the adult nurse practitioner ANCC exam last week and fail. I prepared with the Fitg CDs and review book and Winland- Brown. I also have the Leik book i honnestly didnt use much.
    Any suggestions, advices are welcome. I order the Hollier book and will get it today. Do i retake ANCC or take AANP??
  12. by   CRF250Xpert
    They both stink. Pass one and get tons of CME is my advice. I do CME from Medscape on my phone everytime I wait for something. I'd rather not take the exam again.
  13. by   Adidi
    You r right!! They r both hard i heard!
  14. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    I took and passed them both on the first effort. I didn't think either was that difficult, nor did I find them much different.