Is an NP worth it? What does your daily life look like?

  1. 0 Hi, I have been working as a nurse for two years, in ltc, dialysis and hospice, which I love. I am kicking around the idea of going back for my NP, but am wondering - is it worth it? What does your day look like? What do you actually DO? Are you on call a lot? How many hours a week do you work? I would like to work in palliative care/hospice as an NP, but don't know what my days would look like, how many hours a week, what the pay is, etc. Trying to consider everything before making a commitment to school again! Thanks
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    Our hospital's Palliative Care NP only works weekdays 9 to 5 doing in-patient palliative care consults. They do have their own primary patients that they follow in the Palliative Care suites in addition to the consult patients. The university has a fellowship in Palliative Care Medicine so the fellows cover the service pager during off hours and weekends. I'd say that's a typical schedule for Palliative Care NP's if that's what you're wondering about.

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