Inclusive list of direct-entry PMHNP programs? Inclusive list of direct-entry PMHNP programs? | allnurses

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Inclusive list of direct-entry PMHNP programs?

  1. 0 Hi all,

    I am beginning to narrow down my school applications. I am looking for direct-entry PMHNP programs. Is there a comprehensive list anywhere?

    I have tried searching google, but to no avail. Maybe we could start one, and include details on if it's adult/family and if it offers DNP?

    Here are the ones I know of:

    Seattle University - MSN; adult (addictions focus)
    OHSU (Portland, OR) - MSN or DNP; family
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    I applied to SU, Vanderbilt (family) and Columbia (family). I also looked at University of Chicago, Boston College, Northeastern. Each school varies in length, prereqs, etc, which is what shortened my list. Good luck!
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    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by direct-entry, but I've applied to the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Virginia. Both accept students directly upon graduation from undergrad in their PMHNP programs.
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    UCSF, Yale, and U of Rochester also have programs.
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    Here's what I found:

    UCSF, Yale, U of Rochester, Seattle, Boston College, MGH, UIC, Northeastern, Vanderbilt, UPenn, Columbia, U of Southern Maine

    UCSF is the most expensive as far as I can tell. Out of state tuition for 3 years is $120k+ -- when you take living expenses in SF into acount, that will be a very, very expensive investment. I know it's a good school, but damn. They really need to drop that tuition down!
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    UCSF's tuition has gone up, but it is still below Columbia and Penn (Penn was 120k total costs just for the BSN when I applied). Do keep in mind that getting in-state residency is easy so after first year (and in the first year everyone has to pay the total tuition, including residents), you would have in-state tuition at UCSF.
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    Thanks for the info!