I'm an ADN. Can I Become a NP-Psych? What's the Route?

  1. I've thought about this and I keep circling back around to NP with Psych specialty. But I have some hurdles and would really appreciate some advice and maybe even an online mentor.
    With an ADN, can I go to one of the Master's Programs that awards BSN simultaneously with the MSN and does it have to be Adult NP? When that's completed, is that when you would get the Mental Health Certificate?
    I was looking at FL Atlantic University.
    I have other questions about working as an NP, so anyone who has more working knowledge of this field and would be willing to write me, I would be SO grateful.
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  3. by   NAURN
    There are bridge programs out there for ADN-MSN. You just have to look for one that offers psych NP as an option. You may have better options if you go ahead and get your BSN first. Also, not all bridge programs award a BSN in the process, just the MSN
  4. by   SunnyPupRN
    Thanks for responding. Do you have to do the Master's at the same place you get the certificate? Is the Adult NP the only option for getting the Psych certificate or can you generalize?
  5. by   NAURN
    No, there is no generalizing as far as I know. When you choose a MSN program, you choose a track, such as ACNP, FNP, ANP, PNP, PsychNP... you choose one track and "specialize" in that track. The MSN for all of these will have some of the same classes, like pharm, patho, etc and then branch off in the individual courses specific to your track. So if you find a RN-MSN/NP-Psych option, you will graduate with your MSN NP in psych. THEN if you want to get another NP certificate, you can get a postmasters in any of the others.
  6. by   Le-Lee_FNP
    If the school that you want to attend does not offer a psych specialty for FNP then I would look into checking the requirements for where you want to work. I know some adult NPs and FNPs that work in the psych/mental health specialty even though they are not "certified" in psych. It really depends on your employer's preference. The NPs I am speaking of did have RN experience in psych. You could also look into doing a distance online program as many of them offer more of a variety of specialties. As far as the RN to BSN to MSN thing, the programs vary from school to school. Some award the BSN along the way, others offer a bridge option with just the MSN. This option however is usually for ADNs who also have a bachelors in a non-nursing field. I'm not sure what your situation is but I would do whichever is quicker and more cost efficient if I were you. If your ultimate goal is NP, no use in getting a BSN if you don't have to.
  7. by   NAURN
    I have my ADN with no BA in any field, and there are programs out there for this specifically. But you do not need to go for FNP or ANP in order to get the psych. If psych is all you want to do, then just do that. You can always go back and get the post master's in another specialty if you want. What I would look into is what other NP options the schools you are looking at has, so that way if you do want to go back for a post master's, then you can be sure all your credits would transfer.

    Also, if you MSN is what you want (like me), I see no point in getting a BSN, whether seperately or as a part of a bridge option. It will only add more classes. The ONE benefit is that if you think you might have to quit at some point, you would at least get to keep your BSN that you earned. With the "no BSN awarded" option, if you quit, you get nothing... no BSN, no MSN. To me, this is just more encouragement and incentive NOT to quit.