How to pay for it all?

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    I am a ADN, finishing up my BSN with plans to go on for my ACNP. I was recently talking to a pts family member who happened to be an NP in Cincinnati and when I asked him about how expensive graduate school was he chuckled and said "If you have to pay out of pocket, you didn't do something right." I was not able to get into details about how to do exactly that as I had spent too much time talking as it was and needed to go check on my other ICU pt. When I came back he was gone and of course was an out-of towner making sure grandpa was getting good care. So my question is How do I get my NP paid for? Any and all advice would be appreciated.

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    A lot of employers (hospitals) help pay for education. Check with your HR.
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    Many hospitals have tuition reimbursement programs, and if available become a TA (teachers assistant) at the school you are attending. Being a TA will knock off a significant portion of your tuition.
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    There are some government programs that will pay for or reimburse in exchange for work in underserved areas around the US. They also pay for MDs and PAs.
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    Really? I paid for a lot of my college degrees OOP. I'm 50000 in debt and expect to go another 10-15000 for my np. With my employer paying an additional $8200.
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    I have student loans but did get some tuition reimbursment about 3 thous. dollars worth not really a whole lot but when I am done I plan on applying for a student loan repay off program

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