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how important are reference letters?

  1. 0 I'm kind of worried about my references. I'm applying to Mizzou. I graduated almost 10 years ago with my BSN and the instructors who would have remembered me are no longer at the school i graduated from. I was able to track down one, and she is my only academic reference. The other is actually a friend who has her MSN and was my supervisor. But my third has an MS but its in social work I think. She was the HR manager where I used to work. She is the one I'm worried about that they will not accept a reference from because she is not a nurse. The reference guidelines are a little vague, but I think they are looking for MSN/DNP's whom you have worked for or were an instructor. The only other MSNs/DNPs are friends. What do you think???
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    Hi Laurabs24, where you able to get your references sorted out. I am in the same dilema right now. I will be applying to a ANP program and need references from 2 practicing ANP. I know no ANP. I dont know what to do for now.
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    THey must have been ok, got me thru the first round and I interview tomorrow. I had 1 PhD former instructor from 12 years ago, a masters level nurse manager, and the HR director who has a masters in social work. They asked for 3 doctorate or masters prepared nurses, and that's what I gave them...2 nurses, 1 social worker. Oh well