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Dear Fellow Healthcare Professionals, It brings me great joy to finally be pursuing an educational path and career as an Advanced Practice Provider. I have my Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing,... Read More

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    Lol...I believe nursing theory classes are supposed to provide a foundation and grounding for research and policy formation...affecting change on a systemic level and such...

    That's what I like about the NP role over PA. Besides the increased autonomy NPs have in many states, I think there is also greater versatility, especially with the growing number of NP post-degree residencies and fellowships as well as non-clinical and academic options like research and advocacy and policy.
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    To be honest, you have a point. I do think that is what sets us apart from Physician Assistants. I think health policy and research classes are good theory classes, however some theory classes really are not very beneficial in my opinion.

    Thank you for your input!