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:uhoh3: I've heard Margaret Fitzgeralds stuff is the best but seems like ancc's stuff would focus more on the test content. I just graduated with my MSN FNP and want to get certified on the first try. Any suggestions?... Read More

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    I didn't get my score either, but 105/150 is considered passing for the test (or so I was told). It just made me feel better going in to say that to myself

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    Congratulations on your success!!!!

    What did you use to study for the exam.
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    Which areas did you remember from the exams. I know it feels awesome not having to go through that again.
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    I did the apea review course and the apea test bank-
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    Do you recall what the errors were in the book?
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    Thank so much for sharing. This is my 2nd time around and this time I added APEA since so many people mentioned it.
    Thanks again and congrats.
    I retake in a week.
    Buckling down time.
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    I took AANP and failed-
    But then I took AnCC and felt it was much harder but I was better prepared. I would definitely look over research stuff- but my test covered a lot is different stuff- so no one topic would fell you. Good luck!!
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    Can anyone recommend which predictor test they liked best? I want to make sure I'm ready the next time around!
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    Hi Candy,
    When did you retake the AANP test was it the same test? I need to retake it and I am very anxious!!
    Thank you!
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    Ok, so I took the ANCC FNP exam today and PASSED! :-) I used two Fitzgerald books, which I got from a friend. One, I believe, was from a class she took because it has filled-in content. The other is the 3rd edition of the NP Exam. and Prep. book. This was very helpful. However, the exam was probably honestly 70% non-clinical, from my observation. What really helped me with the non-clinical questions were 1. Common sense (some answer choices just made no sense), 2. random theories and ethical concepts I reviewed on my own, and 3. the questions. The questions on the exams from that site were quite helpful, I must say. Some of the questions on the exam were very similar in wording to the site's questions. So, I would definitely recommend it. I ordered 15 questions, but in retrospect, it was overkill. I wouldn't recommend ordering that many. One thing the site did was also prepare me for the way the questions on the exam were worded and the format of the ANCC exam. Good luck, all! :-)
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