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:uhoh3: I've heard Margaret Fitzgeralds stuff is the best but seems like ancc's stuff would focus more on the test content. I just graduated with my MSN FNP and want to get certified on the first... Read More

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    Usually a book on NP roles, also Buppert RN JD, has a website that has a lot of info on it, google the different research designs...therapeutic communication is covered usually in the context regarding interview styles...i.e. open ended questions, also Barkley has a CD that does cover legal, ethics, etc. Like I said Buppert will cover that and Bates will help in framing your interview questions...remember your cultural sensitivity stuff as well.

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    I passed the ANCC today! FNP-BC!!

    I took the AANP a little less than 1 month back and I was unsuccessful- I had severe test anxiety. Today I took a beta blocker and I relaxed! And I had a better outcome. I am super excited!!
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    Congrats for you!! Did you find one to be easier than the other?
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    I think this one was a little harder because of the non clinical questions! I had made me mind up prior to this that I would retake the the AANP just to prove to self that I could pass. But in all honesty- I do not know that my test anxiety could handle it!
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    I took the ANCC and passed 1st time in Dec 2012...found the test to be all over the place...but with prayer and study guides I was able to do it... always wondered about ANCP...but I didn't think clinical skills was strong enough...good luck to on to conquer my job search here in MI for FNP
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    Good luck with the job hunt!! I have am awesome job, just waiting in licensure and all of that now!!
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    Just got a call from a Doc that runs one of those Visiting Docs type program 50.00/est pt 55.00/new pt Medical asst drives you around and draws blood, etc I'll prob take it...they will handle cost of DEA. See 10 pts a day 500+ can see more if you want...I like the idea of being driven around. lol
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    Congrats on the job offer. I would like the driving around too. Time to clear head between patients. Good luck
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    Took the ANCC on Monday for the first time and passed, thank goodness. Can't imagine having to study again for it. Personally, I felt it was just different. I recommend you brush up on theory, politics, licensing and credentialing, ect. I looked at the first few chapters in the ANCC Family Nurse Practitioner book that I borrowed from a friend. This stuff (plus therapeutic communication) is 50% of the test. So try to at least look it over. Its not as hard to comprehend as clinical stuff, so I made sure I just reviewed it a few times. I mainly felt the bulk of it was therapeutic communication, which is hard to study for.

    I also took a Marye Kellerman review course, studied from her binder, an APEA book of questions, and a Fitzgerald review book with questions. The FItzgerald was a little too in-depth for this test, but it was helpful if I needed clarification or a better understanding of pharm or patho. All in all I probably studied seriously for 3-4 weeks once I actually signed up to test. I was terrified but about 20 questions in I started to calm down. Remember, you only need 105 out of 150 questions right to pass!

    Good luck everyone! I will absolutely answer any questions anyone has.
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    I didn't realize it was 105 of 150- I never got my actual score. I got the congratulations and that was enough for me!

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