Hollier Practice Questions Book?

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    I have the opportunity to buy Amelie Hollier's Adult and Family NP Certification Questions book at a reduced price. I've looked at the scant reviews on Amazon and saw Hollier's book looks at obscure questions where Fitzgerald and Leik may have more of the central concepts. Any thoughts? Just wondering if Hollier's book is a good value or if I'd be better off looking elsewhere. Anybody have experience with this book and passing their boards? Any comparisons with other books and success in passing the NP certification exam? Thanks in advance for any help fellow students, recent grads, and NPs.

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    Get both!!! I used Hollier and Fitzgerald AND Leik and passed the ANCC. Here is how I studied: complete a review section in the Fitzgerald study guide (both from her lecture and then in her other book); review notes from a corresponding section from school and then do review questions from all three books.

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